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location: jongro seoul

종로 창덕궁부근의 부지로 복합시설을 제안하게되었다.문화컨텐츠시설과 스테이 공간을 병행하여 계획하였다. 문화공간시설의 안은 3개로 제안하게 되었는 데 전통을 특화한 한옥형태의 메탈 쉘터 형태등 다양한 시도를 해보았다.

A complex facility was proposed as a site near Changdeokgung Palace in Jongno. A cultural contents facility and a stay space were planned in parallel. Three proposals for cultural space facilities were proposed, and various attempts were made, such as a metal shelter in the form of a hanok specialized in tradition.

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