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Shelter house

location: jinju

진주성이 보이는 올드타운에 위치한 집으로 2세대가족을 위한 공간 설계하였다.

각층에 발코니와 테라스를 계획하였다. 쉘터가 있는 테라스 공간과 천정이 오픈된 테라스 공간을 같이두었다. 실내는 공간을 확장성을 위해 가능하면 많은부위를 비내력구조로 계획하였다.

It is a house located in the old town with a view of Jinju Castle, and it is designed as a space for a two-generation family. Balconies and terraces were planned on each floor. A terrace space with a shelter and a terrace space with an open ceiling were put together. For the interior space, as many parts as possible were planned as non-bearing structures for expandability.

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