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Itaewon 101

location: itaewon seoul

이태원 전용주거지역에 위치해있는 부지에 계획한 근리생활시설로 건축물의 캐릭터를 통한 이미지가 형성되도록 하였다.도로에 면한 지하부지에 선큰 공간을 통해 진입하게된다. 또한 내부의 공간에 다양한 각도의 조망을 위해 창문의 배열을 다르게 하였으며 자연조명이 충분히 실내에 들어오게 계획하였다.

It is a neighborhood living facility planned on a site located in an exclusive residential area in Itaewon, and an image is formed through the character of the building. You enter through a sunken space in the underground site facing the road. In addition, the arrangement of the windows was different for a view from various angles in the interior space, and the natural light was planned to enter the room sufficiently.

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