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Hanok -G

location: jongro seoul

한옥 단독주택 계획

설계과정과 긴 공사기간을 통해 완성되었다.

이 프로젝트는 주거가 소유의 개념이 있지만 삶을 담는 공간이라는 개념에 더 충실한 집이라 할 수있다.

빛과 공기를 누리며 북촌 전망과 프라이버시를 모두 갖고있는 곳이다.

Hanok single-family house plan It was completed through a design process and a long construction period. This project can be said to be a house that has the concept of ownership, but is more faithful to the concept of a space containing life. It is a place where you can enjoy light and air, and has both a view of Bukchon and privacy.

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