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livingtel daejeon

location: daejeon

서울에이어 2번째 리빙텔시리즈로 테라코타 외관으로 2개층마다 프레임디자인을 설치하였다.

층별 평면은 여러차례변경이 이루어지고 허가과정에서 대지 일부문제로 코너부위 디자인이 당초와 바뀌긴 했지만 장방평 의긴 느낌을 그대로 유지하였다.

As the second livingtel series following Seoul, a frame design was installed on every two floors with a terracotta exterior. The plan of each floor was changed several times, and the design of the corner part was changed from the original due to some problems with the site during the permitting process, but the long square feeling was maintained.

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