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location: seoul

면세점 사업장을 마련하면서 63 F&B 전체 리로베이션을 하게 되었다. 국제적인 감각과 유니버셜한 이미지를 부여하도록 접근하였으며 주된 공간 뷔페공간은 뜨락에서 만찬이라 접근에서 외부 빛 그늘막 느낌을 주고자 했다. 그늘막느낌과 메탈의 뷔페공간 석재를 강조한 푸드코트, 전돌브릭의 중식당 우드와 내추럴브릭의 빵과을묘 코너등을 설계하였다.

While preparing the duty-free business site, the entire 63 F&B was renovated. It was approached to give an international sense and universal image, and since the main space buffet space was a dinner in the garden, it was intended to give a feeling of shade from outside light. A food court emphasizing the feeling of shade and a metal buffet space stone, a Chinese restaurant called Wood by Jeondol Brick and a Bread and Eulmyo corner by Natural Brick were designed.

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